Maharajji Kripalu writes that the first of the seven steps to God realization is: Understanding: understanding the importance of human life and the futility of the world.

What does this mean?

Maharajji Kripalu explains that the happiness of the world is illusory. Nothing can be achieved by indulging in anger, lust, or greed. The so called “joys” of the world are diversions, and all of them transitory. Harder still is to practice non attachment. We have the impression that our spouses or sons, sister or brothers, are the objects of our true love. We falsely believe as well that we receive love in return from them. But our deeper conscience, the intelligence of the quiet, intuitive realm, knows very well that such “love” is always borne of selfish motivation. Perhaps we really love so as to be loved in return. Or maybe we count on the love of others so as to avoid paying heed to Radha Krishn, which requires a selfless devotion and much discipline in the early stages. But before we receive the love of Radha Krishn, the eternal love, we must understand that the nature of what we call earthly joy is merely an illusion.

The true love that we seek is neither a feature of our own minds nor a quality that stems from this world of maya. This love of which we speak is Divine: it is the intimate power of God who is Krishn, or complete bliss. This is what we attempt to understand.

For understanding, Shree Kripalu Ji calls upon devotees of Krishn Love through his beautiful poetic verse in the Prem Ras Madira to say:

“O my mind! Submit yourself to the lotus feet of Krishn. The wealth and your youthful beauty of which you may be proud is only transitory. It will disappear like camphor.

O my mind! Listen! This world is futile. Worldly relatives are tied to each other in only self-interest.

O my mind! Please understand that they are also like you. Understanding this, please turn to Radha Krishn, your true Divine Beloved.”