Maharajji Kripalu writes that the third of the seven steps to God realization is: Longing: to find a true, Divine Saint.

What does this mean?

By longing after a Divine Saint, Ram Kripalu Tripathi explains that human longing should be directed at the quest to find a Saint, a teacher, a fount of love and Krishn philosophy. If we can have the darshan or auspicious viewing of a saint, then we can be blessed and gain favor with the Divine. When we see with reverence and devotion, it is like epiphany. With vision of a highly revered person or Saint, it as though we receive a vision of the divine. Through the practice of darshan, a devotee develops affection for God, and God develops affection for that devotee." This is why we must cultivate our longing for a true Saint, so as to be loved by God and in return, to love him more fully.

To learn about longing, Maharajji Kripalu calls upon devotees of Krishn Love through his beautiful poetic verse in the Prem Ras Madira to say:

O Krishn, my Lord! Please make me a true devotee of one of Your rasik Saints so that I can have his darshan, association and affection all the time; and also, with my body, mind and money, I may delightfully serve him forever.

O Krishn, my Lord! Please allow me to do the satsang of your Saint with constancy so that I may fulfill his teachings, and thereby detach myself from worldly attractions.