Maharajji Kripalu writes that the second of the seven steps to God realization is: Desiring: desiring to become a true devotee and recipient of Krishn love.

What does this mean?

Maharajji Kripalu explains that Krishn desire is the deep desire of a devotee. We long to embrace the plants and the vines of Govardhan, site of pilgrims and blessed place where Krishna performed lilas during the last incarnation on the planet Earth. Desire is longing to drown in love for Krishna, to walk in the places He walked and play in the places where He played. We aspire to the vision of Radha Krishn in theis lifetime, and cease with all material and intellectual indulgences and attachments. When we realize that in our earthly form we are separate from this love, we will say “O! My Beloved! Please come soon.” This is our desire.

When we finally gain the deep knowledge of our separation from Krishna we will cry: ‘Ha Krishn!’ ‘Ha Krishn!’ in our love-stricken grief. With desire to become truly whole, we will embrace the belief that one day Krishn will surely come to us and make us His own, forever.

To learn about desiring, Shree Kripalu Ji calls upon devotees of Krishn Love through his beautiful poetic verse in the Prem Ras Madira to say:

O my Krishn! I desire to see the day when my eyes will be constantly flooded with the tears of Your love.

O my Krishn! When will I wander the paths of Gahvarban singing: ‘Radhey, Radhey, Radhey’? When will that day come when I will be tipsy with love for You and thrilled with affection?

O my Krishn! One day I will lose my body consciousness, and You will surely make me your own.