Receiving the Divine Love

Maharajji Kripalu writes that the last of the seven steps to God realization is receiving: receiving the Divine love of Radha Krishn with the Grace of a rasik Saint.

What happens when one receives the Divine love?

Upon receiving the Divine love of Radha Rani, the devotee sings joyfully. Maharajji Kripalu describes the experience thus: One finds the supreme Divine without any effort. Through the practices of gyan, yog, worship, renunciation, rituals, devoutness, meditation, and austerity I learned to give up needless intellectual pursuits. When I did this, the Saints saw my humble condition and showed me the true path, much simpler than I had believed it to be during my years of renunciation. Like a poor man who has lost his sanity in the excitement of finding the most precious paras (jewel), I have become Divinely absorbed into the love of Radha Rani. The most precious jewels are always gems of knowledge.