Maharajji Kripalu writes that the fifth of the seven steps to God realization is finding: finding the path is equivalent to the wholehearted practice of devotion.

What does this mean? How can we be wholehearted so that we might find the path?

Maharajji Kripalu explains that when we behave in a selfless manner, our heart becomes purified and leaves more room in the heart for the fire of devotional love. Humble longing can then arise in the opened, whole heart of a devotee so that he will say, 'O my Kishori Radhey! You are my only hope and You are my only refuge. You know how fallen I am. My humble desire is that You look to me as if I am Yours and I belong to You. Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj reveals this to us as the true style and preoper exchange of love.

To learn about finding the path, he calls upon devotees of Krishn Love through his beautiful poetic verse in the Prem Ras Madira to say:

“O my Kishori Radhey! You have been mine for eternity just as I was yours. I had forgotten this relationship until this moment, when I ask you in my utter humility to come to me. Please embrace me, or at least let me feel the pang of Your separation by turning Your face away from me. My happiness is your happiness, so please do whatever makes you feel good.”

In this way we begin to understand the nature of divine, selfless love, and in this way we will have found the true path.